Sunday, November 10, 2013

Corporate Media Protecting TOYOTA's Negligence....and it's getting worse

This family was killed by TOYOTA:

It was only because of the 911 call about a RUNAWAY LEXUS traveling at 120MPH that forced TOYOTA's negligence into the headlines.

The family members were terrorized by TOYOTA's SUDDEN UNINTENDED ACCELERATION problem, known by TOYOTA, but ignored.

The TOYOTA LEXUS burst into flames.

In 2002, TOYOTA KNEW about the SUDDEN UNINTENDED ACCELERATION problems and KNEW what the solution was.

Instead, TOYOTA saved $$$$ by ignoring and denying the problem, then blamed the drivers and floor mats when any number of solutions would have been simple and inexpensive.

You didn't know them.....


Great article below about the slanted media coverage [What a surprise!].

From: Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be YOU...

Another recall. Bloomberg panders to Toyota.

....noted electrical engineer Dr. Antony Anderson submitted a comment offering a fantastic rebuttal to Paul Barrett's sheer blabber. Here's an excerpt from Dr. Anderson's remarks:

"If (Toyota) had fitted kill switches, very few people would have been killed and there would have been little or no litigation. Weeping crocodile tears 'about the individuals and families of anyone in an accident involving one of our vehicles' is no substitute for killing sudden accelerations stone dead with a device that will restrict fuel supply or air to the engine in an emergency." 

[As a footnote: It has been posted elsewhere that the LEMON LADY swerved to avoid a driver who went through a Stop Sign. The Mercury/Sable had a  'KILL SWITCH' in the trunk that shut off the electric fuel pump so that the vehicle came safely to rest on someone's lawn.  The ABS functioned as designed - leaving skid marks across the road, but never losing control.]