Monday, November 11, 2013

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

When you fill your head with lies, deceit and schemes, even the most ridiculous sounds reasonable.

On the day the LEMON TOYOTA was fully paid for, ROUTE 44 TOYOTA requested my credit report.

Almost 6 months later, ROUTE 44 TOYOTA AGAIN requested not only the LEMON LADY's credit report, but that of a friend whose name is NOT connected to the vehicle.

Route 44 Toyota: Where Arrogance and Disregard of the Law Prevails
More Than A LEMON......

[ROUTE 44 TOYOTA'S Bullying Attorney]  threatened a SLAPP Suit and refused to reveal his secret information --

"I am not at liberty to discuss with you in detail why those claims [OF ILLEGALLY REQUESTING CREDIT REPORTS] are both false. ......

FROM: Route 44 Toyota Threatens SLAPP Suit!

Did Dilly Dally Dan produce signed credit applications? Of course not because they don't exist.

If Route 44 Toyota truly cared about their reputation, they would have acknowledged their error and removed the inquiries from the credit reports.

When you perpetuate lies, you don't truly care about your reputation

Route 44 Toyota: Arrogance Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Recently received Interrogatories from ROUTE 44 TOYOTA provided an opportunity to reveal the TOP SECRET reasons for ALL Credit Report requests.

Instead......ROUTE 44 TOYOTA claims the LEMON LADY discussed financing....Hmmmm?

On the day the LEMON LADY fully paid for the ROUTE 44 TOYOTA LEMON?

Think about it!

A poorly conceived lie!

The response fully ignores the credit inquiries ~ 6 months after the ROUTE 44 TOYOTA LEMON was purchased.