Saturday, November 15, 2014

Here come the TOYOTA SHILLS!

"Professional provocateur" ?

Kind description of PAID TOYOTA SHILLS!

What's TOYOTA hiding?


Charlene M. Blake (@charleneblake)

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Charlene McCarthy Blake

Parris Boyd

Here we go again with another "performance" by the auto industry's little lapdog. Never mind NHTSA's complicity in GM's ignition-switch scandal and Takata's exploding airbags, not to mention NHTSA's refusal to address evidence GALORE - presented by embedded systems expert MIchael Barr - of electronic defects in Toyota's throttle control. The problem is a corporate-controlled government - Repukes n Demagogues alike - incapable of taking action against its murderous, blood-drenched cohorts in the auto industry. I've been blogging about the situation - search "Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be YOU..."

I am a victim of sudden unintended acceleration and there many more out there like me. We need a better system in place to protect consumers from the lies and cover up of auto makers..

Sudden UnintendedAcceleration is real, it happened to me in 2005. I had purchased a brand new 2004 ES 330 Lexus while sitting at the red light my
car took off like a rocket going through the red light. By the time I realized what was happening my car was going over 100 miles an hour and I realized that I did not have brake and I could hear the accelerator revving. All I was able to do hold on to the wheel trying to avoid hitting anyone. All I could think that my car was going to kill people. I was so fortunate that no one was kill and what eventually happen I end up on the other side of the street hitting a SUV head on totaling both cars.

The dashboard fell on my legs and crushed both legs severely. The SUV driver had some minor damages. As the result of my Lexus suddenly accelerating, I have had 24 surgeries and more in future. My left leg will have to be amputated above the knee since surgery can not do any good anymore and my right ankle will have to be fused since I am in sever pain. I hope Toyota stops the lies and fix those cars rather than blaming the elderly, teens, texting, medical issues or anything else Toyota can come up with except its sudden unintended acceleration in its cars.

Azar Hadi Brannan

Azar Hadi
Highway patrol was not able too, remember this case was settled for $10,000,000 out of court.
Case Bookout vs Toyota Mr. Micheal Barr proved that when cars like Toyota/Lexus accelerate there is nothing you can do to stop them due to electronic defects and if you remember Toyota lost this landmark case.

On August 28, 2009, California Highway Patrol Officer Mark
Saylor, his wife, daughter and brother-in-law were killed in an uncontrolled acceleration crash in a 2009 Lexus ES350 in San Diego. Unlike the many deadly Toyota sudden acceleration before, this crash was captured on a 911 call made by Mrs Saylor from the speeding car with a stuck accelerator before it crashed and killed all the occu­pants. At the time of the crash, NHTSA did not have a single open invest­igation in Toyota sudden acceleration. Toyota exploited to avoid recalls
until the tragic crash in San Diego in August 2009 that resulted in 4 deaths in a Lexus driven by an experienced highway patrol officer who was unable to bring the vehicle to a stop. But
for the crash being caught on a 911 tape, the recent recalls would not have occurred because the crash would have gone unnoticed like so many before it which the agency blamed on driver error


Saudi Arabia knows what to do - why not the NHTSA?
I never owned one but am always concerned for friends and family who do.
There should be a push to force Toyota to install brake override on all that have the electronics and code evaluated by the 12 experts - NASA did not have the source code for their review.
Over 141,000 Toyota and Lexus cars recalled over dangers of sudden
acceleration The recall of as many as 141,007 Toyota and Lexus cars has been initiated in the sultanate to install Smart Stop Technology, a brake override system, in
their vehicles to curtail dangers associated with sudden acceleration.

Azar Hadi

Thank you for your comment and we need more people like you to speak against Toyota and Lexus. You should be worried about friends and families, sudden unintended acceleration has killed and injured over 2000 people in US alone. Why is it that Saudi Arabia values people's life more that US government?

Charlene McCarthy Blake

Ah, professional provocateur is concerned about the Robert & Kathy Ruginis defective Toyota Corolla case! And rightly so as here are the earmarks of a major automotive scandal!

Censorship and critic discrediting is in full force by Toyota $$friends as professional provocateur has pointed out, especially when it concerns evidence of electronic glitches which cause Toyota and Lexus vehicles to become uncontrollable and unstoppable! Why these glitches often cause these vehicles to become airborne just prior to a horrific crash!

Azar Hadi

Landmark case Bookout vs Toyota last October where Toyota lost not only had to pay compensatory, but also punitive damages to victims. It was this case that sent Toyota to settlement mode. Over 500 cases going through MEDIATION right now all over US. Some will end up in trial which will show more exposure of the defect that causes accelerations something that Toyota is trying to avoid. It would have been so much cheaper if Toyota/Lexus had done the right thing rather than hiding their sudden unintended acceleration issues and murdering and injuring innocent people..

Azar Hadi
I am just wondering where the next job will be for Mr. David Friedman since he is not doing much for the public when comes to Toyota/Lexus sudden unintended acceleration??? I have an idea, I am pretty sure his next job will be a highly paid job at Toyota just like Mr. Christopher Santucci, a revolving door..

Charlene McCarthy Blake

Excellent question, Azar! I know you are especially concerned since you are a Toyota Lexus sudden unintended acceleration victim yourself! You've no doubt watched as former NHTSA regulator Christopher Santucci narrowed the focus of the previous Toyota SUA investigation so that no real steps were taken to uncover and FIX the electronic glitches in the ETCS-i software that Michael Barr later found in the Bookout v Toyota Camry fatal death case. It must be devastating to see a paid NHTSA employee, where our taxes are contributed, allegedly allow Toyota to HIDE the serious safety defects and then go on to be EMPLOYED by the automaker! This seems more than criminal; it seems immoral and unconscionable to me!

Let's watch what Mr. David Friedman does in this very important Toyota Corolla unintended acceleration case! IF he does not open a defect investigation, then consumers need to organize...BIG time! This case has all the earmarks of a serious safety defect in a Toyota that could lead to untold numbers of deaths, injuries, and destruction!

IF a defect investigation is opened and then closed in short order as so many have been done in the past in the Toyota and Lexus sudden unintended acceleration, then a major public backlash needs to occur! This would be blatantly ignoring an on-going serious DEADLY situation in these Corolla vehicles!

Azar Hadi

Thanks Charlene, I am so grateful to see a consumer advocate like yourself spending her precious time working so hard to bring changes about and make unscrupulous auto makers like Toyota/Lexus accountable for their criminal activities. Being blocked by sites who support and get paid by Toyota $$$ to me is simply blood of people who have been killed and injured and I am an example of sudden unintended acceleration who injured badly in a Lexus.

Charlene McCarthy

You are welcome, Azar! I have *twenty* years of auto consumer advocacy. When I was involved in the Toyota engine oil sludge debacle, a professional provocateur implied that I had single-handedly created the HOAX back in late 2000.

Well, we all know what ultimately happened there. It was certainly no hoax! There is a May 13, 2002 Automotive News article that highlights my efforts in that serious matter. The oil sludge issue pales in comparison to the Toyota & Lexus electronic throttle control system software defect! I can see why the automaker might be concerned about online dialogue about this potentially deadly defect!

Charlene McCarthy Blake

Just by speaking out to those similarly-impacted, you are making a huge difference! Thank you so much for sharing your story! You are FAR FROM ALONE!

What an automaker, particularly one like Toyota which has admitted to hiding defects and not telling the truth, wants least is for vehicle owners to NETWORK to EXPOSE these same problems!

Kudos to your effort to reach out to those who may not yet know the truth!