Friday, November 14, 2014

TOYOTA TACOMA crashes into house


Pickup Crashes Into Rancho Penasquitos Home

The black Toyota Tacoma was sticking out of the home's front door

A pickup truck crossed several lanes of traffic, jumped a curb and crashed into the front door of a home in Rancho Penasquitos Friday morning, police said.

The rear of a 2000 black Toyota Tacoma was sticking out from the home's front door and foyer just before 9 a.m.

Officials said a 32-year-old man drove the truck into some rocks and was catapulted over a wall and into the two-story home on Ragweed Street at Park Village Road.

Shattered glass is on the ground around the truck along with debris from the building.

The driver suffered back injuries and was transported to a local hospital, officials said.
There was no one in the house at the time of the crash.
San Diego police officers say the driver was traveling westbound on Park Village Road when the truck crossed the median and landed in the home.
No cause was given however officer said alcohol does not appear to be a factor.

Truck Crashes into Rancho Penasquitos Home

[DGO] Truck Crashes into Rancho Penasquitos Home
Video from NBC 7's Newschopper showing the back of the pickup truck sticking out of the front of the home. (Published Friday, Nov 14, 2014)
Traffic was diverted around the intersection.
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