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Where in the World is: "Beware" Toyota SUA ?
Just for fun, but tell your friends and post any sightings here!
(CLUE: I mostly drive around through 7 Mid & Upper Midwest states)
Since Toyota still refuses to provide me with a signed statement of what they promised to provide me, for my acquiescing to their demand that I sign away "all" of my privacy rights regarding what is on the Toyota's EDR & computer. A form they emailed me the day before the inspection I had agreed to weeks before.
So, since Toyota is still in denial about SUAs, despite a $1.2 Billion court loss to the US Government, and no attorney in their right mind is going to take on a "fender bender" case to just be buried in paperwork from Toyota legal, I am left with being a "poster child", or David against Goliath.
Even though my driving will need to be impeccable (up from excellent, btw),
Let's play the Game!