Friday, June 6, 2014

RSN: To Stop Corporate Lawbreaking, Prosecute the People Who Break the Law

Oh? And how about TOYOTA

TOYOTA has injured and killed far more than those reported by General Motors. 

We'll never know the TRUE toll taken by DEFECTIVE TOYOTAS because some of the lawsuits were settled with CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTS ---- GAG ORDERS! 

Why are we so quick to condemn General Motors when FAR more people were injured or killed by TOYOTAS?

Why are we ignoring TOYOTA?

The DOJ settlement included solely the lies by TOYOTA about the faulty accelerator pedal design.

The DOJ settlement for $1.2 BILLION, a pittance to TOYOTA sitting on $60 BILLION in cash, ignored ELECTRONIC FAILURES that TOYOTA WAS/IS fully aware of, ignored the TIN WHISKERS issue that threatens us all as TOYOTAS age and much else.

Yes! GM was wrong!

How much worse was TOYOTA and they get a pass?

These vehicles are still on our roads and we're pretending they're safe?

This is far worse corporate collusion than General Motors.

How do we ignore TOYOTAS running into buildings or KinderCare in Florida, careening into a church on Easter Sunday, speeding out of control into the Spring Valley Library, and not wonder.....?

I had the misfortune to purchase a brand new TOYOTA that led me down the path of posting TOYOTA accidents and following TOYOTAS cover-up.

Now TOYOTA is attempting to silence a WHISTLE BLOWER who exposed TOYOTA's lies.

Please educate yourselves before you condemn General Motors and wonder why TOYOTA gets a FREE PASS.

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FOCUS: Robert Reich | To Stop Corporate Lawbreaking, Prosecute the People Who Break the Law
Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. (photo: RADiUS-TWC)
Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog
Reich writes: "Today General Motors announced that it has fired 15 employees and disciplined five others in the wake of an internal investigation into the company's handling of defective ignition switches, which lead to at least 13 fatalities."