Friday, June 20, 2014

TOYOTA's Carefully Worded, OUTDATED Propaganda Defies Reality and "A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE" ...

Rhonda Smith shared her "NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE IN AN OUT-OF-CONTROL TOYOTA" with Congress: 

Can you listen to Rhonda Smith's testimony and continue to believe TOYOTA'S CLAIMS

Below are videos from Beasley Allen, the law firm that represented the families on the TOYOTA SUDDEN UNINTENDED ACCELERATION case in Oklahoma - that's the jury trial in which Michael Barr explained TOYOTA'S SPAGHETTI SOFTWARE and TOYOTA LOST! 

TOYOTA RUSHED TO SETTLE as the jury deliberated punitive damages! 

It should surprise no one who has followed TOYOTA'S PLAYBOOK that TOYOTA included a confidentiality agreement - A GAG ORDER! 

"TOYOTA...misled the public....malfunction has caused injuries and death.....TOYOTA lied to the government...reckless disregard.....wire fraud...."

TOYOTA'S PROPAGANDISTS have dredged up this video...come on folks! 

This in the wake of several recent OUT-OF-CONTROL TOYOTA accidents that   injured and killed folks? 


And then when a comment is posted disagreeing with the TOYOTA guessed it! 

It gets deleted! 


Mike Michels, it seems that you are suffering from extreme DENIAL about some major problems in Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Either that or you are grossly misleading the public once again. Which is it? 

Back in the middle of the Toyota and Lexus engine oil sludge debacle, you and John Hanson repeated like a parrot that Toyota had "never seen a single case of engine oil sludge in a properly-maintained Toyota." Hmmmm...that's not even funny because thousands of Toyota and Lexus owners informed Toyota that they HAD maintained their vehicles as per manufacturer's recommendation and STILL ended up with failed engines which needed to be replaced!

Further, you and your company finally buckled under public pressure and came out with a voluntary engine oil sludge program which owners report you essentially did not honor behind the scene. A successful Toyota and Lexus owner class action lawsuit resulted but you still did not honor your promises, according to vocal Toyota owners. Just like in the GM case, all we hear from you and your company is empty rhetoric and promises you do not keep! 

The problem is, Mr. Michels, you and your company did not want to SEE the engine oil change receipts of these customers because then you WOULD BE AWARE of the problem. You, your company, and your reputation management have been overpowering vehicle owner factual statements it seems. This same behavior, it seems, is current in the case of alleged ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration in Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Owners keep informing you exactly what is taking place in these runaway vehicles. Yet you and your company keep misleading the public that no such problem exists. You once again blame the owners for the horrific circumstances that they find themselves in either in parking lots or on the highways. Speeding out of control with no way to stop a vehicle is no walk in the park, Mr. Michels! Perhaps you'd like to try it sometime to have some true empathy for these loyal Toyota and Lexus owners? 

OK, we understand why you can't come out and reveal the inherent sloppy design in your ETCS-i. It's all about economics and your bottom line. However, countless lives have been sacrificed as your company uses its customers as "test pilots" in vehicles which do not have the appropriate safety standards (aren't regulated, of course) to prevent such a deadly glitch from occurring. Further, your system's fail-safe (ability to stop the runaway) has been noted to be ineffective in cases where such a glitch occurs (see Michael Barr's findings Bookout vs. Toyota). It's all in the DESIGN of your ETCS-i embedded software. Nothing can be done until this system is built to strict safety standards, correct? 

In the meantime, no amount of rhetoric is going to stop these occurrences. Yes! You can continue to blame the Toyota and Lexus owners. You can malign their character by implying that they are lying when they say they are braking with all their might. You did it to Tanya Spotts who had soft tissue damage in her foot/ankle from frantically attempting to STOP her Lexus. What more can you ask these Toyota owners to do? You've already ask them to risk their lives because you and your company can't currently fix this problem. Russian roulette, isn't it?

Charlene Blake