Saturday, June 21, 2014

Too much paperwork......sounds familiar!


Is it possible that the attorney (in the article below)  is related to MR. ALBANY TOYOTA

TRURO — The town has filed too much paperwork in two legal cases involving the controversial Kline house and a lot of it is irrelevant, according to a recent motion......

The town has spent $176,000 on legal fees involving the house as of May 23, according to town records.
In late April, the town filed six motions for summary judgment in the two Land Court cases. Last month, Landreth filed a request to strike the town's motions, claiming the volume of 144 pages violated court requirements for "argument in summary form" and that some supporting material was "irrelevant, prejudicial and inadmissible" evidence.

"The (town) motions' lack of clarity and focus make it all but impossible for (the) plaintiff to offer a meaningful response," his motion stated.

In response, Veara argued that the town's earlier request for specifics from Landreth resulted in a 600-page package being sent to the town.