Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2005 ES 330 Lexus crash

Can you even imagine the terror.....a runaway TOYOTA?

Can you imagine a lifetime of pain because of TOYOTA'S FAILURE?

Below is a description of the personal pain and cost caused by TOYOTA......

[Please remember that in 2002, TOYOTA sent notices to their dealerships. TOYOTA knew.]

I will have some pictures taken and then I will post them. I was sitting at the red light and my car decided to take off by itself. Speed got to a point that I was not able to even hold on to the wheel any longer and I was just screaming thinking that I was going to kill a lot of people. I had nightmares for years thinking that I could have killed lot of people. I believe the speed reached over 100 miles. The brake was flat and so was the accelerator, but I could hear the engine going like crazy. I eventually end up going on the other side of the street and hit a big SUV head on and totaled both cars. 

Fortunately nothing major happened to the other driver, but she end up suing my insurance company. The dashboard on my ES 330 Lexus trapped my leg and crushed my legs. Airbag exploded and cause major bruises on my chest and was not able to breath for few seconds. I asked friends to have my car checked because there was no brake. Lexus dealership said that there was nothing wrong with my car. This happened in 2005 and I found out about it 2010 when I was watching a program on CNBC regarding the history of Toyota and saw the accident of a police officer and his family in San Diego who were killed going 120 miles an hour. Toyota settled that case for $10,000,000.00. I have had 24 surgeries on both legs and will have at least three more in future. The only thing I can do is very little walking with lots of pain and inflammations. As the result of the accident I lost one inch and a half of my height. I have spoken to Sean Kane and thanked him for the work that he has been doing, he is with the SAFETY RESEARCH AND STRATEGIST. I am currently in a lawsuit in California State court.