Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ford Pinto & Toyota's Arrogance

A friend reminded me of the FORD PINTO........

Many of you may not remember how the PINTO and the DEATHS caused by FORD's failure to correct PINTO's EXPLODING GAS TANK forced Ford to re-think their business model, become more responsive to problems and much else.

For a scant and slanted history:
 Toyota is just the latest automaker to face auto safety litigation

Elsewhere I posted that the Ford/Mercury I totalled in an accident protected me, performed as it was designed, the fuel pump shut off, the car came to rest on someone's front lawn, the ABS left skid marks across the road never veering from the line of travel, among other things. The purchase of that vehicle was thoroughly researched.

I made the poor decision of not researching my LEMON TOYOTA prior to purchase.

Please don't duplicate my mistake!

RESEARCH the vehicle you intend to purchase and don't accept the meaningless fluff, such as 'State of the Art Braking System.' That means what?

RESEARCH complaints filed on NHTSA and the Center for Auto Safety. If new car owners are complaining that AIR BAGS fail on impact, how is that vehicle going to protect you?

Toyota U.S.A. bragged about the $$$$ they saved by avoiding RECALLS.
Did that serve Toyota U.S.A. car owners?

At a certain point, the arrogance of Toyota U.S.A. will deflate, just as with Ford.
It was consumers who forced that to happen.