Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be YOU...

Some of us who got stuck with TOYOTA LEMONS have spoken out, collected information and continued to do so.

This is the crap TOYOTA tolerates:

.....thuggery at dealerships, and contempt for customers.....

Toyota is the story of engine failures, unintended acceleration, lawsuits, an oil sludge petition signed by thousands (see 9/13/09 post), thuggery at dealerships, and contempt for customers. I lost $8,500 due to an engine failure (at under 30,000 miles) in my MR2 Spyder, and discovered that my case is one of many (see 5/22/09 post). A Lexus crash that killed four people (see 10/8/09 post) has now prompted recalls and raised alarming questions about Toyota's influence within the NHTSA.

One of the most hearbreaking stories has to do with the death of 29 year old Chris Eves when his new Tundra veered off the road and hit a tree. Hair and scalp tissue was found near the accelerator, and Chris' dad refuses to be silenced, choosing to speak out instead of accepting Toyota's offer of what amounts to hush money. If there's anything the ol' Recall King is good at, it's confidentiality agreements and cozy deals with NHTSA which allow Toyota to settle "without any admission of wrongdoing."

I'll take this opportunity to congratulate one very brave lady for daring to blow the whistle on the Recall King. Ms. Benjaminson reveals what a difference it makes when a government gets serious about setting an automaker straight. "Reading the Toyota documents, Benjaminson was shocked at the contrast between the frantic efforts to fix the Imperial limo and what she calls Toyota’s 'stonewalling' of consumers and investigators during the U.S. probe into these crashes."