Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dear Toyota U.S.A.: More Temper Tantrums & Bullying & Sexism


When Mr. Toyota U.S.A. appeared in know Plymouth!
It's Wind Turbine Country! And Mr. Toyota U.S.A.'s hair kinda resembled.....
The LEMON LADY had a perverse curiosity to this a New York thing? Does Mr. Toyota U.S.A. not own a hair brush? Can Mr. Toyota U.S.A. not afford haircuts?
Please remember, Mr. Toyota U.S.A., KING OF CONFLICT, kept emailing that he was going to depose the LEMON LADY's attorney.....POOR MAN! Very confused!

On THURSDAY, AFTER 7 PM, Mr. Toyota U.S.A. sent an email.....
Attached are Notices of Appearance of Mr. & Ms. Toyota U.S.A.  as additional counsel for Defendant DMR Corp. d/b/a Route 44 Toyota s/h/a Route 44 Toyota-Scion which we have served by first class mail and have filed with the court by over-night mail. Please be advised that I will be taking the lead on Monday with respect to deposing the LEMON LADY though Mr. Route 44 Toyota likely will handle the questioning regarding the non-warranty related claims.
To which the LEMON LADY's attorney responded:
We are postponing the deposition of the LEMON LADY scheduled for Monday, October 7, 2013 at 10:30 a.m.

This short notice is a result of our opposition to the the appearance of counsel notices sent via email after 7:00 pm last night.

I will prepare a motion to strike former counsel of Toyota U.S.A. 
Dear Toyota U.S.A.:
Below is an email from your Albany NY counsel.
This is BLATANT SEXISM to address OPPOSING counsel as MS. !
Not all TOYOTA BUYERS are privileged white males.
By virtue of the fact that opposing counsel is FEMALE, does that mean she's entitled to LESS RESPECT?
And the BULLYING?  
FROM: Mr. Toyota U.S.A.:
October 23rd [a previously scheduled court date] works fine for all counsel for Route 44. Please be advised that Route 44 will be filing a motion to strike plaintiff's complaint due to her continuing failure to make herself available for a deposition and today's unilateral cancellation by you of her deposition. In addition, I note that you have not responded to my previous email requesting that you provide the basis for your threatened motion to strike the Notices of Appearance filed by my office yesterday. Please consider this email as formal notice that the filing by you of a frivolous and unsupported motion will be met by a cross-motion which will seek sanctions.
Yet another Toyota U.S.A. Temper Tantrum!
REMEMBER what this is about....A LEMON TOYOTA with NO BRAKES!
TOYOTA U.S.A. has spent far more on legal fees than it would have cost to repair or replace the LEMON TOYOTA! 
If you buy a new car and have problems, is this what you want to deal with?