Saturday, October 26, 2013

Will Toyota U.S.A. Notice????

LEMON LADY didn't go to Law School because it wasn't her interest.......

There's still giggling going on about MR. TOYOTA U.S.A. not filing a LEGAL THINGEY - a MOTION when that was what MR. TOYOTA U.S.A. traveled from Albany to accomplish.

The LEMON LADY's Attorney pointed out that MR. TOYOTA U.S.A. didn't file a MOTION for the VOLUMINOUS WITNESS PROTECTION MOTION [42 PAGES]  either.

 MR. TOYOTA U.S.A. agreed to travel to Massachusetts AGAIN on Wednesday, October 30TH.... isn't that to correct his error?

Wonder if MR. TOYOTA U.S.A. will wait until the last minute and send it OVERNIGHT......

Nope! MR. TOYOTA U.S.A. surprised everyone by submitting his MOTION on FRIDAY!

Will MR. TOYOTA U.S.A. again present the court with a STACK OF PAPERS?

NOPE! Only a shocking 4 pages this time!

Or will the King of Conflict have a sudden....CONFLICT?

MR. TOYOTA U.S.A. has opted to have MR. ROUTE 44 TOYOTA defend the MOTION that MR. TOYOTA U.S.A. failed to file!

[An attorney pointed out to me that MR TOYOTA U.S.A. wouldn't get paid for his time....especially MR. TOYOTA U.S.A.'s lengthy travel time from ALBANY....because it was MR. TOYOTA U.S.A.'s screw-up.]

That's the problem with having a CASH COW that didn't go to COURT to hear a JUDGE question if MR. TOYOTA U.S.A. was licensed to practice in Massachusetts. [Morrison & Mahoney had an attorney who wasn't licensed in Massachusetts at the time, filed with the wrong court using the wrong form because of inadequate supervision.] 

Watching a clearly SEXIST performance, even more interesting was a female judge commenting the she was certain if MR. TOYOTA U.S.A. wasn't licensed to practice in Massachusetts, LEMON LADY'S ATTORNEY would have raised the issue!

This condescending attitude will go over well with a jury!

Let's remember this is solely about a LEMON TOYOTA with NO BRAKES!

When Big Corporation like TOYOTA U.S.A. lament the high cost of litigation because of their defective vehicles, remember....THEY CAUSED IT!