Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lexus - Toyota Melting Dashboard - $3,000 REPAIR! Where's the MONITOR?

The article below specifically mentions a TOYOTA CAMRY, references LEXUS [A TOYOTA PRODUCT].

There are images of OTHER TOYOTA MODELS posted elsewhere.


Why is NHTSA ignoring complaints?

If this Phony Baloney Toyoda is so sorry, why isn't he fixing these problems?

The melting dashboard on 2008 Toyota Camry.
The melting dashboard on 2008 Toyota Camry.

Venice man says he has melting dashboard in his Toyota Camry

Posted: Aug 26, 2014

By John Rogers

A Venice man is in a sticky situation.

His dashboard on his Toyota Camry melts in the Florida heat and it leaves a dangerous glare on his windshield.

But the company refuses to pay for the repairs.

Years ago, Venice resident Kayser Sayeg purchased a 2008 Toyota Camry for his wife.

Kayser said, "It's a very nice car, very smooth driving. No problem."

But there was a problem, he soon discovered his dashboard melted in the summer heat!

“It's wet, like glue,” he remarked.

As we drove around, 8 On Your Side noticed the problem only got worse the hotter it got. If you pressed your hand on the dash, it remained stuck there. It was as if the entire dash was coated with the same sticky substance used in duct tape.

It's more than just a nuisance- it's causing a glare, making it hard to see.

Sayeg said, “It's really risky to drive this car."

His son Ilyas exclaimed, "I know it's dangerous! It's dangerous when I'm driving the car. My mom has to drive it!”

Sayeg took it to a Toyota dealer and was told the company would not be paying for the repairs.

"This is not our fault; it's the manufacturer,” explained Sayeg. “The sales manager of the company told me that this 2008 Toyota Camry has this kind of problem, so they know they have problem and they deny to fix it.”

8 On Your Side heard from numerous drivers with the same problem.

It applies to not only Toyotas, but other brands like Lexus.      [LEXUS IS TOYOTA!]

Nissan is also investigating similar claims.

"We have become aware of a few isolated consumer complaints about the dashboard appearance in their vehicle,” said a Nissan spokesperson.

Earlier this month, a Miami law firm filed a class-action lawsuit.

The plaintiffs are suing Toyota for not fixing these problems after the warranties expired.

A Toyota spokesman would not comment because of pending litigation.

Instead the company sent this statement, "We are continuing to investigate dashboard issues reported by some customers, which are affecting multiple manufacturers."

Sayeg just wants this issue solved before someone gets hurt.

"I believe their reputation is more important than a $3,000 dash,” said Sayeg.

“It'd be nice to see an auto manufacturer own up to it, fix it. Don't wait for people to get hurt, just fix it,” said his son Ilyas.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received numerous complaints about these dashboards, dating back to 2007.

If you'd like to file a complaint, click HERE