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Toyota Surging....Remembering those who LOST THEIR LIVES IN RUNAWAY TOYOTAS!

Before TOYOTA silenced the CORPORATE MEDIA, these are some REPORTS of the people who lost their lives because of TOYOTA'S FAILURES:

They died in Toyotas, leaving many questions

Ray Ann Gloyna died when her Toyota Avalon ran into the path of a big rig....

Details: This part of the country is where the domestic automakers are solidly still in charge. And Flint is where General Motors was born and where it is still the king on the roads.
So it was a bit unusual that Alberto, a former GM line worker and convenience store owner, would be driving a Toyota. When her old Buick started to die, she wanted to replace it with a Buick LeSabre. But one of her four children said a Toyota would be a better choice.
One day in April 2008, Alberto lost control of her car. She sped down West Copeman Boulevard in Flint at 80 mph, dodging other cars before striking a tree. She died instantly.
"My mother would never drive like that," says Lilia Alberto. "She didn't even drive on the expressway because she didn't like driving fast."
'This whole thing has never made sense'

Kathleen Recinos had just finished CHRISTMAS SHOPPING....she was pregnant...her parents, her boyfriend will never share the joy of her child....

Parents sue Toyota, say sudden acceleration caused their daughter's death [Updated]

The parents of a young woman killed in a 2008 car crash have sued Toyota Motor Corp., contending that an electronic glitch caused the car in which their daughter was a passenger to accelerate out of control and crash in Northridge.

Kathleen Recinos, 18, of Panorama City, was killed Dec. 19, 2008, when a 2009 Toyota Scion driven by her boyfriend, Brian Martinez, "suddenly and unexpectedly accelerated," crossed into oncoming traffic on Tampa Avenue and struck two oncoming vehicles, according to the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Santa Ana. Martinez, 18, was also killed.

In the last year, dozens of people have sued the Japanese automaker, blaming deaths and injuries on acceleration problems that allegedly caused Toyota vehicles to crash.

Recinos and Martinez had just finished an afternoon of Christmas shopping at the Northridge Fashion Center when their car crashed, the woman's parents said in the lawsuit, filed Friday by San Francisco attorneys Elizabeth Cabraser and Todd Walburg.

Recinos was pregnant at the time of the crash, Walburg said.

These are 3 of 4 Mark Saylor family members killed when the TOYOTA LEXUS they were driving couldn't be slowed or stopped....their last minutes were filled with the TERROR OF THE RUNAWAY TOYOTA LEXUS.....that caught fire on impact....

TOYOTA settled with the family for $10 MILLION! That's what a FAMILY is worth to TOYOTA, RATHER THAN FIXING THEIR VEHICLES!

BETSY BENJAMINSON wrote the horrifying story about KENT FLY:

Remember Kent Fly: On the streets of Chicago

....+ 37,900 complaints ignored by Toyota

....Toyota had received more than 37,900 complaints concerning the ETCS, which have been installed in Toyota-brand vehicles sold in the United States since 1998.


Toyota Prius Crash Driver Was On Her Way To Get Gas Pedal Checked Out

Downeast Toyota Toyota Surging

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Nope Kevin Kelly No problem here!!

May 01
Automatic transmission
8,200 miles
I was leaving a shopping center, waiting for traffic to clear. Foot on brake and car in drive. All of a sudden car engine surged and it was all I could do to keep from jumping into oncoming traffic. I braked harder and put car in park. I don't frighten easily but this scared me. If I had gone out into traffic it would have been a ten car pile up or more. It was like sitting on a rocket that was getting ready to take off. Car in shop now. Toyota said it may be a "bad computer chip".
- Martha C., Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA
I had nearly the same experience as the other reviewer. Today I was coming up to a red light so I slowed down, applied the brakes, and was at nearly a complete stop (could not have been going more than 1 mile/hr) . All of a sudden with no warning, the car surged forward. I immediately pressed the brake very hard, and the car didn't seem to respond as I was still going forward. So I slammed both feet on the brake as hard as I could and the wheels locked up, and I skid approximately 10 feet! I had to steer away from rear-ending the car stopped ahead of me, it is only by some divine intervention that I did not ram right into that car. All of this happened in about three seconds--it was shocking and upsetting to say the least, and not knowing what happened only made it worse. It was as if the car lurched forward by some unknown force I couldn't control. I immediately looked at the street behind me thinking i had run into an oil slick or something, but there was nothing there. My car mat was NOT in the way, NOT bunched up, and did not have anything to do with it. I did NOT have my foot on the gas pedal at the time (one foot was on the brake and that's it). I immediately called the service dept. at my Toyota dealership and they said they'd never heard of such a thing (liars!). My experience is obviously not an isolated case, this is a serious problem that is going to get people injured or killed!
- Marie T., Sausalito, CA, USA
Jan 24
Corolla SE 3.2L
Automatic transmission
26,000 miles
When the engine first surged I was leaving work. The engine was cold. I came to a stop and the engine surged. Rpm's jumped to almost 4. I had both feet on brake, and my car wanted to jump into the intersection. When I was able to take foot off brake, and continue everything went back to normal. I thought it was a fluke. The same thing happened again a couple months later, after car was warm. I knew something was not right, and made an appointment for dealer to look at car. The dealer kept car overnight as to get a cold start on car. They concluded it was my workboot hitting the gas pedal. I accepted there diagnosis. The engine serge did not happen again. A year later I had a problem with a high idol. I took the car in to the dealer and they replaced the computer chip. The car had 37,000 miles on car. The warranty had expired, but dealer replaced for free. I thought that was great. I still have a high idol problem. When the car starts after being cold it takes at least 4 minutes to idol down. I believe Toyota has an issue with the computer. The recall on the gas pedal scares me. This is a bigger problem than we know. I am hoping more owners come forward.
- lsommer, Milton, WI, USA
Jun 15
Automatic transmission
62,000 miles
This accident happened to my mother in the above make/model car listed......even though Toyota apparently does not have any recalls listed for 2006 Corolla's, the same thing that has happened with the surging/sudden acceleration in these later-model cars happened to her while stopped in traffic at a red light. She was completely stopped and not moving, when all of a sudden the engine revved and surged uncontrollably into the car ahead of her. I guess we should be thankful the traffic stopped her from causing further damage, or that she was not driving at any rate of speed when the surge occurred nor could she travel very far before collision, but she is now very nervous about driving the vehicle, as you might imagine. Anyone else with this sort of problem needs to let others know!!
- Kim F., Augusta, GA, USA
Feb 22
Corolla LE 1.8L V4
Automatic transmission
68,000 miles

During the Month of February 2012, the accelerator in my moms car stuck on three different occasions when she stopped making a turn, parking at a store and when stopped in traffic. I asked my mom to take the car to the local Toyota dealer where she purchase the care and have them check. They informed her she had a dead cell in her car battery and the battery was six years old and needed to be replaced and since they could not make the accelerator stick on its on they said that was the problem. WHAT A JOKE HERE WE GO AGAIN. I told my mom to GET RID OF IT AND STAY AWAY FROM TOYOTA. KEEP IT USA !!!!!
- lchristy, Gilbertsville, PA, USA

Nov 13
Camry LX V4
Automatic transmission
33,000 miles

On Nov. 13, 2012 I was stopped behind a van while at a traffic light in my 2009 Camry. While my foot was secure on the brake, I heard my car rev up, and it surged into the back of the van. A passenger thought we were hit from behind, but there was no car there. Thank God no one was hurt, and there was no apparent damage to either car.

After having reported the incident to Toyota, they sent an investigator to diagnose the car. He stated that there was nothing wrong with my car and that the noise I heard was the air conditioner (IN NOVEMBER??). I went through a recall for this very problem after I first purchased it. All was supposedly fixed.

I have been a happy Toyota owner with three other vehicles. Because this scared me so much, I purchased a 2013 Honda Accord. I kept thinking what would have happened it I had been the first car at the traffic light and couldn't stop.
- melindaoh, Medina, OH, USA
Jun 15
Camry XLE V6
Automatic transmission
1,243 miles
The car surges forward when braking between 30km - 50. We reported it to the dealer and a Toyota representative was called out and inspected the vehicle September 16. The answer was this is the way they are made! Will be taking it further.
- Gerald C., Calgary, AB, Canada
2011 Toyota Camry Vehicle Speed Control Complaints
1 Complaint Number: 10493269 Incident Date: January 15, 2013 Date Added to File: January 16, 2013
Description of the Complaint:
Vehicle was being driven on a dirt road, going around a corner, the vehicle did not slow down and went off the road and skidded alongside the road for about 30 ft. The vehicle then hit a few small stumps, still without slowing down, and finally slammed into a large tree. The impact in which the car hit the tree was so strong that the back end of the car rose up into the air and stayed in that vertical position. Only the tail lights were still visible from the road after the car slammed into the tree and stopped. If the tree hadn't been hit, the car would have continued down the hillside into the bottom of a ravine, about another 40 ft. The entire front drivers side was shoved almost to the windshield and not one of the airbags deployed. The entire drivers side of the motor and hood were destroyed, the Battery was crushed and leaking acid everywhere and was sitting behind the front tire and the hood was "v" shaped and pushed into the windshield. There were no skid marks so clearly the brakes weren't functioning properly either, also the speed in which the vehicle went into the tree shows that the acceleration was faulty because the vehicle wouldn't slow down. The drivers face slammed into the steering wheel and broke her nose and received a possible concussion because the airbags failed to deploy, along with numerous bruises and scratches. The damage is so severe that the car is a total loss but still we are left wondering why the airbags didn't go off. If the driver hadn't been wearing her seatbelt, it is very likely that she would have been thrown straight through the windshield and it would have been a fatality. We have pictures of the vehicle and the scene of the accident to show just how serious and dangerous this is. We would like to have answers as to why a vehicle with such high crash test ratings would fail to provide adequate safety to the driver
Complaint Number: 10491458 Incident Date: December 24, 2012 Date Added to File: January 4, 2013
Description of the Complaint:
The contact owns a 2011 toyota camry. The contact stated that while driving in reverse with the brakes depressed, the vehicle rapidly accelerated without warning. The contact applied extreme pressure to the brakes and shifted the vehicle into park. The contact later restarted the vehicle and it acted as normal. The vehicle was later taken to the dealer where they advised him that they were unable to generate any failure codes. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was contacted and offered no assistance. The failure and current mileages were approximately 17,200. ... Updated 02/27/13
Complaint Number: 10487648 Incident Date: December 6, 2012 Date Added to File: December 7, 2012
Description of the Complaint:
This has happened several times in virtually identical scenarios but the most recent was as follows: I was driving in moderately heavy traffic on a three lane divided street with traffic signals. Traffic was fluctuating between "stop & go" and approximately 30 mph. After a traffic light turned green, I began accelerating at a relatively rapid pace when a vehicle cut directly in front of me and braked. I immediately stepped on the brake but felt a tremendous amount of resistance from the pedal and the car was barely able to stop in time to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of me. I noticed that as I was attempting to brake, the engine was still revving at a high rate from the acceleration attempt. It seems that there is some type of problem with the braking system whereby if the engine is revving the brake will fail even if the accelerator pedal is no longer being pressed. A very important detail is that each time this has happened it has been within the first few seconds of a quick acceleration from a complete stop or a crawl. I have never had this problem when trying to stop from a normal speed
I was driving my 2010 Prius on February 3 rd during a snow storm. I drove very slowly because of the conditions and also because my car had surged forward on a few occasions before when I tried to stop. I was driving at approximately 15 MPH and kept my foot near the brakes. I pressed on the brake lightly to slow down because of the snow but, 313instead of slowing down, my car lunged forward and went into a tail spin. I felt like I was in a bumper car as I tried very had to get my car back in a lane. This happened on a heavily traveled parkway and luckily for me, there was quite a distance between my car and the cars behind me. I was very scared and worried that I might not make it home alive.