Friday, August 1, 2014

TRUTH swatted away by NHTSA!

Ya thought you were protected by NHTSA?

Think again!

Charlene Blake (@charleneblake)
Whistleblower on Toyota ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration treated like a gnat and swatted away by NHTSA! #SUA…


Is this what we want for CONSUMER PROTECTION?

These members of Mark Saylor's family were killed when an OUT-OF-CONTROL LEXUS crashed and burst into flames. TOYOTA settle for $10 MILLION with a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREMENT the dealership overturned. TOYOTA DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

A few others TOYOTA doesn't want you to know.....

FROM: TOYOTA protecting its SECRETS!

The article below is a MUST READ! :

Barr and the DOJ- what we know and what we know that we don't know

PLEASE make a contribution in whatever amount you can afford to support the TRUTH BEING HEARD:

Can we allow TOYOTA to SILENCE THE TRUTH and jeopardize lives?

Can you kick in a few bucks to protect your family? Make sure the TRUTH is told?

TOYOTA counts on your ignorance!