Sunday, August 3, 2014


A stunning indictment of TOYOTA'S FAILURES!

Those who have endured THE STINGING NETTLES of TOYOTA, can appreciate this commentary....

Aircraft safety engineer Geoff Barrance grasps the nettle of Dr. Koopman's testimony

Let's remember that TOYOTA BULLIED those who sought to share the TRUTH to protect the PUBLIC - YOU and ME!

Discredit! Discredit! Discredit!

Behind the scenes, Toyota played hardball with critics. A public relations manager named Masami Doi had spelled out the approach in a December email. "There are at most around 10 people who are the sources of negative tone communications. If they can be suppressed, I think we will be able to manage it somehow. Like you said, let's go with an intention of destroying each individual person's ability to oppose us, one by one…."

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Can we allow TOYOTA to SILENCE THE TRUTH and jeopardize lives?